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Get free SSL Certificate for your website

You have two options for getting SSL Certificates: (1) You can either pay 9 USD per year for a personal SSL certificate. (2) Get free SSL Certificate for your website. The only caveat? Renew every 90 days. Is that a lot of work? Yes but you can only use the cheap SSL certificate for a single domain. You will not be able to use it on even a sub-domain. I believe the best use of free SSL is for freelancers. It will be good for your staging work. It will also tell your clients that you take security seriously. Consequently, you will get more work.

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Intel & Low Budget Gaming PC in Pakistan

I set about researching for a low budget Gaming PC last month and came across a list by PaulsHardware. It is a list for a 400 USD Gaming PC, knowing well that the prices won’t be the same here in Pakistan as there are 20%+ misc. taxes and custom charges. Surprisingly, the most important part of the said system, Intel Pentium G4560 processor was not available anywhere.

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